Sunday, January 27, 2013


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On my second (and final) day in Portland I got to spend time with two of my dearest friends-- Lacey + Brennan (Both of whom I was good friends w/ in college. And then they fell in love and got married!!). We definitely made the most of the day and ate/shopped our way through the city.

Sunday highlights included:
///Bumping into another wonderful friend (who lives in Seattle and just happened to be in Portland!) during our bakery run before church, hitting up the BEST FLEA MARKET (srsly guys. I was dying. gorgeous vintage + handmade, but in a fairly confined space, so as not to overwhelm. **ahem, lookin' at you, Rosebowl flea.), lunch at Porque No?, wandering around Mississippi and Alberta, delish ice cream at Salt + Straw, coffee at Barista, and the best dinner ever at Screen Door (mac n' cheese. do it)! 

Needless to say, it was a really quick trip... but it made me just want to go back sooner rather than later. Portland is such a rad city with some incredible people.. and I miss it already!

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